Freeflow Writing App - A Free and Minimalistic Browser

Try this 100% free no-distraction writing app. It just works straight away.

Posted on:Jan 28, 2024

The Freeflow Writing App is so utterly simple that writing an article about it feels dirty and criminal!

Go and experience it for yourself, then come back if you want to hear my $0.2 about it.

There are several things that I love about this app:

  1. No sign up, no account. Yay!

  2. Choice of white or dark screens. All you see is either a white or dark screen. No menus, icons or distractions.

  3. Timed writing. Set the timer and just write. The addition of a countdown timer makes this app compatible with writing techniques like Pomodoro. You start each session by choosing your duration.

  4. No editing. You can choose to switch editing off. This takes a bit of getting used to at first, because you can't use backspace or jump around the text. But then you realize that the only option is to keep writing! And that's oddly liberating.

  5. Export to email. Or just copy and paste your text to wherever you want.

There is something incredibly empowering about landing on a website that needs no explanation or introduction. You just "get it" in the blink of an eye.

That's the main strength of this app, that and it's free.

Freeflow basically helps you focus on creativity and bypass writer's block. It promotes continuous, unfiltered expression.

So I definitely recommend adding this one to your brower's favourites list.

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